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Mon, 16/10/2017 - 11:11


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Amal Suleman is a case worker at CTC Youth Services in Kingaroy who got involved with Youth Insearch when her Team Leader incorporated Youth Insearch into their case plans with young people. Amals first weekend workshop was in May of 2016 and since has been on several programs as a Support Adult and now a Trainee Leader.

Amals original reason for coming to the weekend workshops was to find a program that helps them build positive relationship and find the support they need to change and improve their lives. After attending her first program, Amal knew that Youth Insearch was that program.

Amal also started helping with the running of the support group in Kingaroy for the ongoing support of the participants of the program and has seen a huge improvement and many changes that have taken place due to the program. These changes and improvements that the young people have gone through, not just as individuals but also for their families and communities have inspired Amal to continue with Youth Insearch. Continuing with her journey with Youth Insearch, Amal has just completed the residential part of Leaders Training and will further her personal growth and leadership skills improvement in not just her professional life but also her personal life. Amal grew up in a very unstable home, where domestic and family violence were common, was physically and emotionally abused which caused her to suffer from depression, grief and loss in silence. Amal states that because of her involvement with Youth Insearch she has, gained the courage to deal with my childhood experiences and it has allowed me to gain strength in my weaker areas. 


In the future, Amal would like the Youth Insearch family to be known and accessible to every young person in Australia. Before getting involved with Youth Insearch, Amal describes her life as challenging and since becoming a part of the Youth Insearch family, Amal says things have started to look hopeful. Despite the obstacles at the start of trying to get the young people engaged in the program in the shape of fear of starting again, fear of building trust, fear of being let down again, fear of not finding what they are searching for or worst finding what they are looking for but not being used to it, Amal says that she sees a very bright future ahead.