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Maffra Support Group has a long history, having been started up in 2013 with Sharon Schofield and two participants.

Jump forward to 2019, and the Maffra Support Group saw 45 participants come through its door, along with 1 Trainee Leader, 11 Leaders, and 4 Support Adults.

Maree and Phil run the Maffra Support Group together at Maffra Secondary College, which meets every week. The location allocated to Youth Insearch is within school grounds which makes the Support Groups accessible to young people during lunch time. Students can even catch the Youth Insearch bus straight from school to Youth Insearch weekend workshops.

The combination of Phil and Maree running the Maffra Support Group has been incredibly successful, and they have noticed that the young people involved are now referring friends who may be going through a tough time to come along and seek support.

Maffra Secondary College are great supporters of the Youth Insearch program and have developed a robust engagement process to ensure student and guardian permissions are gained prior to the young people becoming involved with Youth Insearch.

Maffra Secondary College have a robust Wellbeing department, and the staff there are open to opportunities for young people to grow and have expressed endorsement of the Youth Insearch program. It is clear that Maffra Secondary College really cares about their students, and the partnership that has evolved over the years has built on shared trust and common goals.

Youth Insearch have a strong relationship with Maffra Secondary College, and the school is actively engaged in the local community through Rotary Club of Maffra and together they have developed a new mentoring program. Youth Insearch has since been invited to collaborate on the program and are excited to see where the initiative will lead.

“Youth Insearch has opened up a whole world of opportunities for me.”

- Phil, Support Adult at Maffra Support Group