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Sun, 20/11/2016 - 11:23


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Kelsey lost her mum at a young age and had been severely bullied at school. Kelsey's close friend had attended Youth Insearch and often posted what a great time he had on Facebook, so Kelsey asked him about Youth Insearch and how she could get involved. Kelsey said she didn’t know what she wanted out of attending, however during the program she revealed heavy marijuana use.

During the Drug and Alcohol session, the facilitator challenged Kelsey to look at the damage her current lifestyle was causing her and where she would be in a few years if she did not change her path. Other young people in the room, who had been able to successfully change their life, offered suggestions of how they were able to deal with the underlying issues and make the change.

Kelsey realised that she needed to make a future for herself, she took everything on board and went home with some new goals. Her first goal was to stop smoking ‘pot’, and in January this year she did. Next she joined a job agency, completed further training and now Kelsey has a fulltime job in an aged care facility, workling in the palliative care unit. She has a car, has moved out of home, and is only a few hours away from gaining her license.

Two weeks ago Kelsey brought a friend on the program, who came because she wants the make same changes she has seen Kelsey make.

Kelsey says her next goal is to become a Youth Insearch Leader.