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Wed, 22/11/2017 - 11:01



Youth Insearch celebrated the retirement of their Camp Pop - Lindsay Steel Sunday 19th November with a celebration down at Apex Park in Moe, Victoria.

Lindsay first attended Youth Insearch when he was volunteering as a YRIPP (Youth Referral and Independent Persons Program) at the local Police Stations for young people who don't have an adult or advocate to sit in on Police interviews with them.

Lindsay wanted to be able to do more than see these young people time and time again sometimes, at the Police Station for similar offences. He wanted to be able to be part of the change in behaviour patterns and circumstances.

Youth Insearch State Coordinator Sharon Schofield remembers that from that very first weekend program, she could see that Lindsay was fulfilling a role that was missing in so many of these young peoples lives a Pop, or older male role model, someone to tell them straight and to give them guidance and most of all a friendly ear.

There have been many young people whom Pop has taken under his wing and had a few chats to over the last five years he has been attending with 21 weekends that he has volunteered to help make a difference in these young people's lives.

He was very touched to see so many of the young people from his early programs through to today who sent well wishes and attended the afternoon at Apex Park. There may have even been a tear or two shed, when the young people described what he meant to them and the difference he had made to their lives. Mrs Pop or Lorraine also attended the afternoon and was thrilled to see the difference that he had made and how much love the young people have for him.The changoing of the Pop batten was handed over to Bernie Farquhar who is another wonderful volunteer from the Bairnsdale Sunrise Rotary whom support Youth Insearch in so many ways. Bernie was there to send his best wishes and to let Pop know that they are big shoes to fill.