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Rhylee started attending Youth Insearch weekend workshops in December of 2015 and at first thought that it would be a magical camp that would solve all of my problems. Rhylee was referred to the program as he was wagging school, drinking, doing drugs, aggressive and verbally abusive at home, having suicidal ideations and was getting into trouble with the law.

Although Rhylee was enjoying the program, after his second program his family support officer had noticed that he wasnt making progress and said to him, you have all the support this area can provide and you arent using it to the best of your ability. After the conversation; it was decided that it would be best if Rhylee took a break from attending the weekend workshop so he could reflect on his choices and continue working on himself.

After 9 months Rhylee was all set to go on a program again, however a couple of days before the program, he was suspended from school and it was decided that he would not attend the program. Rhylee skipped a program and then went on the next one with a clearer mindset and a specific goal to work towards. He says his first program back was a bit tough as I didnt really involve myself as much as I should because my mind was focused on the residential where I lived. 

Following a few programs this year, in September Rhylee was kicked out of home because of his behavioral patterns which caused him to attend the next program with a new determination to try his hardest. During a session on Sunday, Rhylee spoke about his story and the facilitator and his support person, Heather challenged him with the word commitment as it had been the hardest part of his journey. Although the conversation was difficult, Rhylee says it inspired him to work harder to get to where he wanted to be. After that program, Rhylee lived with a friend for 3 more weeks until he had a meeting with the support services, his mum and himself where they established boundaries for him to be allowed to move back home.

Rhylee is now residing at home but he is soon moving out so he can still maintain the relationship with his mother and to give them space so they arent constantly clashing. Rhylee believes that he would not have been able to make this progress if it werent for the support of Heather and Youth Insearch.