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Charlie Lynn

Charlie Lynn is a former army major with 21 years service. During his army career he served in Vietnam, Singapore/Malaysia with the ANZUK force and as exchange officer with the United States Army. During his assignment with the US Army he completed the Special Forces Military Freefall course which involved HALO (High Altitiude Low Opening) tactical parachute jumps from 20,000 feet - at night. He represented the army in Australian Rules Football, tennis, squash and marathon running. In 1987 he held the NSW Ultramarathon record with a distance of 213 km in 24 hours. Charlie attends our Leadership Training Program each year, and provides a talk on motivation, personal development, and leadership. This training ensure our leaders can present a quality program to the youth participants, and reach their full potential. This maximises the impact we can have in rebuilding young lives, and their own personal development.