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Chloe's Story

On 24 Nov 2017 Tags Newsletter, Testimonials

I lost my Dad when I was quite young and I’ve always felt a great sense of loss not having been able to grow up with him. My...

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Nioka's Story

On 22 Nov 2017 Tags Newsletter, Testimonials

Before Youth Insearch, Nioka’s childhood was full of traumatic experiences relating to sexual assault, drug and alcohol abuse, family violence, domestic violence, neglect and physical assault. Nioka came to...

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Amal's Story

On 16 Oct 2017 Tags Newsletter, Testimonials

Amal Suleman is a case worker at CTC Youth Services in Kingaroy who got involved with Youth Insearch when...

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Cassie's Story

On 31 Jul 2017 Tags Newsletter, Testimonials

Cassie participated in her first Youth Insearch program when she was 16 years old after a friend had recommended it. After working hard achieving goals and overcoming her personal issues Cassie attended the...

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Curtis' Story

On 20 Nov 2016 Tags Newsletter, Testimonials

Curtis was sitting in one of the group sessions at a Youth Insearch Weekend Workshop. The leader of the session asked Curtis:

“What do you want to do with your life?”
“I want to go to uni to do architecture.” he replied.

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