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TTEC is a leading global provider of customer experience, engagement, and growth solutions, delivered through its proprietary end-to-end Humanify™ Customer Engagement as a Service offering. In 2014, TTEC announced the majority acquisition of rogenSi, a leading international sales and leadership training and consulting firm. TTEC continues to deliver rogenSi’s mission to inspire exceptional performance in individuals, teams, and organisations through leadership alignment, capability development and mindset.

The rogenSi story began in 1968 when a New York off-Broadway actor Peter Rogen was asked to improve the executive presentation skills of the executives at global advertising giant, Grey. He did so by creating a three-day workshop that involved a unique combination of communication and acting skills, exercises, and practice. The rogenSi program worked extraordinarily well and Peter had laid the foundations of a business that would go on to help thousands of individuals and organisations, in more than 100 countries, achieve exceptional performance.

In 1987 one of rogenSi participants was Neil Flett, a PR man and journalist who took a license for the presentation skills program in Australia and over the next six years took on partners and grew rogenSi in other parts of the world including Asia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, and London. With that growth came an expansion beyond presentation skills, to sales, influencing, negotiation, facilitation, and leadership skills, plus a host of other training and consulting solutions tailored specifically to help organisations win. The rogenSi business was becoming renowned for having practical and proven programs delivered by world-class facilitators that gave organisations the knowledge and skills required to help them win.

For over 45 years rogenSi has inspired exceptional performance in leaders and their organisations globally. rogenSi has partnered with business leaders to help them achieve their goals through leadership alignment and development, cultural change and transformation, sales execution and training.