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Changing Rooms

The NSWRL Changing Rooms program is designed to educate and provide support to the youth of the NSWRL sporting community in dealing with challenges in life off the field or away from school when they aren’t dealing with the situations in a positive manner.

The Changing Rooms program will be facilitated by NSWRL in partnership with Youth Insearch with assistance from expert presenters from industry accredited support networks of Mental Health and Wellbeing organisations in the dressing rooms of sporting clubs or schools.

The program is run for 30 minutes in club dressing rooms or school classrooms.


The program works by allowing young people to confront and deal with the reality of any pain they may have in their lives.

By drawing on the resources of other young people that have experienced the same issues and addressing the real problem or underlying issue, the young people seek positive alternatives within themselves, turning away from a life of despair and destructive behaviour.

The program intervenes early, allowing young people to deal with their issues as they start to appear. 


Please contact us for more information about the Changing Rooms program.