ARTD Research Workshops | Youth Insearch


Wed, 18/10/2017 - 10:45




Youth Insearch has had an exciting development recently as we have identified funding to be able to do further research into the program effectiveness and structure.

We know what we do works exceptionally well however this research will get the evidence to back us up and create a record of what we do so future generations can continue to deliver the program in the same way. The research company that is engaged is ARTD - a leading research firm.

The researchers have attended a weekend program in September to observe and speak to the leaders and support adults. They have also been consulting with staff and leaders further over the last couple of months.

The key elements of the research will be:

  • Drafting a program logic/theory of change
  • Developing specific short-term outcome objectives to compliment our existing long-term objectives
  • Creating an evaluation framework with new survey forms and times
  • Conducting an in-depth "Randomised Control Group" study of participants (being either counterfactual - based on existing research literature about outcomes without an intervention - or comparison group studie - compared to potential particiapnts that do no attend). This is likely to start in January 2018

Going forward, this research will enable us to:

  • Document program practices
  • Implement best practice
  • Provide better training to facilitators
  • Protect against clinical risks
  • Better evidence of program outcmes
  • Collect credible outcomes data on an ongoing basis
  • Qualify for government/broader sources of funding
  • Innovate and develop the program (decided by the National Program Council)

This is a very exciting time where Youth Insearch is looking towards the future in being able to support, inspire and empower the young people of Australia.