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Courier Mail | End Youth Suicide Week - Qld advocate calls for increased peer support

On 16 Feb 2023 Tags Newsletter, Media Release, Announcements

A Queensland man who contemplated taking his own life after suffering high school bullying is leading the charge against youth suicide, taking his voice all the way to the Health Minister in Canberra.

Brisbane resident Luke...

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Peer-to-peer support is the missing link for the forgotten middle

The allocation of $23.5 million in the government’s 2022-23 budget is nowhere near enough, and has missed an opportunity to address Australia’s youth suicide rates according to Youth Insearch CEO Stephen Lewin.

“Youth Insearch connects young...

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Mental Health Myths Dispelled: World Mental Health Day 2022

On 10 Oct 2022 Tags Newsletter, CEO Opinion, Announcements

Mental Health Myths Dispelled

World Mental Health Day is the ideal time to admit that, as a society, we make many assumptions about mental health...

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