Cassie's Story | Youth Insearch


Tue, 18/12/2018 - 10:50


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Cassie participated in her first Youth Insearch program when she was 16 years old. Cassie was struggling with the effects of being bullied at school and the mental abuse endured when she was younger.  “I honestly didn’t have a future before Youth Insearch,” Cassie says. 

Cassie had turned to drugs, alcohol, self-harming and was having suicidal thoughts.


Due to not attending school and the little effort she was putting in, Cassie was expelled and started to attend a literacy and numeracy course instead. It was shortly after this that Cassie attended her first weekend workshop.  “I was extremely nervous, but everyone was so welcoming and heart-warming,” Cassie says. 


Cassie realised she was caught in a repetitive cycle of bad decisions and choices she made to help deal with her issues and mental abuse she had gone through. “Youth Insearch boosted my confidence and helped me realise I was worthy of a life. I now know I can do whatever I put my mind to. I shape my own future, nobody else does.”


 Cassie was inspired to become a Youth Insearch Leader, which she completed this year. “The leadership training gave me the skills to prepare for my future including being able to communicate, making me more confident and self-loving. 


Reflecting on her Youth Insearch journey, Cassie believes, “Without Youth Insearch, I would be either homeless or dead”.


“Instead, I’m enrolled in a Bachelor of Education degree at university and aim to become a high school teacher. My life-long goal is to lead a happy and healthy life while helping others to do the same.”