Celebration dinner goes ahead virtually | Youth Insearch


Wed, 07/07/2021 - 17:06


Leaders, Leaders Training, Virtual World

Scheduled for 1 July 2021, the now accredited 2020/21 Leaders Training group had been planning their Celebration Dinner after completing over 85 hours of Leaders Training as Team Quaranteam. However, emerging COVID restrictions meant that we had to postpone the event to later in the year.

This setback did not stop this team. After months of planning and having prepared their celebratory event, Team Quaranteam decided to hold the Celebration Dinner anyway, just for themselves, in true COVID form – virtually.

The outfits had been sought and bought, and the newly Accredited Leaders had their speeches prepared, with one being so excited they still had their suitcase packed.

The borders may have been closed between states, with some in lockdown, but in the virtual world there are no borders or barriers. We may have been apart in distance but not apart at heart.

14 of the 17 Trainee Leaders were able to attend the virtual event, and MC’s Minnie and Kaleb set the scene to lead the way through speeches. It was clear to see the growth since the Quaranteam cohort first delivered their speeches last year.  

We were entertained by Ali singing and Casper with a magic trick they had been working on for the cancelled Lake Keepit workshop.

Each Leader was acknowledged individually to highlight how they had grown in 12 months, and how they well they now interact with their fellow peers. There were many tissue moments of connectedness and pride.

Photos of meals were sent through the group chat, with Chicken Kiev a popular choice, and many different array of side dishes. Photos of platter boards, pasta and stir fries, ice-cream treats, and lots more special dishes were shared in the group.

Youth Insearch was able to offer the group vouchers for Woolworths or Coles so that they could purchase food items for their celebration dinner. These Leaders were truly appreciative of the vouchers, with one young person said they had enough left over to purchase a lipstick for the event, which otherwise they would not have had enough money.

The evening finished with the Youth Insearch theme song, just as their journey to this point had started. Despite the disappointment of postponement, the virtual event ended up being an amazing experience for all that attended. 

We are looking forward to the face-to-face Celebration Dinner in the future, as well as the Graduation Ceremony planned to be held at Admiralty House.