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Sun, 20/11/2016 - 11:16


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Charlie has been in foster care for most of his life with his grandparents. He is a knockabout county lad from Narrabri who loves riding motor bikes and going bush with his Grandad. Recently, Charlie started disengaging from school. Suspended multiple times due to violent outbursts. Charlie began smoking marijuana frequently, and had violent outburst at home with his Nan. His Caseworker was concerned that he was in danger of losing his ability to live with his grandparents. There was a real possibility Charlie would end up in a residential facility for the rest of his teenage years.

His Caseworker was concerned that his living situation with his grandparents was in danger of breaking down. There was a real possibility of Charlie being placed in a residential care facility.

When he first came on camp, Charlie had an issue with hugs and was refusing to come.  After some last minute convincing, he decided to give it a go and come on camp.  After the Friday night he came into the dorm room and described how he was reluctant to hug at first, but gave it a go.  He started to tear up, exclaiming it was the best feeling he has had in a long time.

When he went home he gave his Nan a big hug, for the first time, in a very long time.

He has been back on a few camps now and has learnt to control his violent outbursts. He is always the first to hug new participants who need extra support. On hearing from a friend that they had been sexually assaulted, rather than resorting to violence against the perpetrator, he supported his friend to make a police report. 

Charlie has ceased his drug taking and now wants to help others by applying to be a Youth Insearch Leader. Charlie also has a dream to become a Diesel Mechanic in the Army. Charlie has acknowledged he has some way to go before he is ready, but each week at support group, he sets his goals and is working away to make the changes to achieve his goals.