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Fri, 20/12/2019 - 16:56


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Daniel entered the Youth Insearch program in November 2018 as a referral from the Education First Youth Foyer in Glen Waverley, which is part of a partnership between Youth Insearch and Brotherhood of St. Lawrence.
12 months earlier, Daniel had been forced out of home while he was studying a biomedical science degree at university. He found that his home environment was too much for him to cope with while studying. Daniel's home environment had a lot of physical and emotional abuse, and this often led to months of tension and not communicating with family.
Daniel has also experienced bullying at school due to cultural differences. 
After Daniel moved out of home his parents separated and he felt a heavy sense of grief and loss for his family. The combination of leaving the family home, living independently, and hearing of his family breakdown resulted in Daniel spiraling into a depression.
Through Youth Insearch, Daniel has been able to work through these issues and has come out the other side with a sense of purpose and direction. Daniel wants to be able to give back to others that may be going through similar circumstances. Daniel has continued to attend the Youth Insearch program, helping out on programs as an understudy to the workshop team, and has a goal to apply and complete Youth Insearch Leaders Training in 2020.
To further his studies, Daniel works night shifts at a pathology lab to gain further experience and credits, and intends to extend his education by undertaking a post graduate degree in medicine. Daniel aspires to study neurosurgery.
Daniel is a great role model to others in the Youth Insearch program. He is driven, working towards his goals, and made the tough choice of leaving behind his family for his own wellbeing and to give himself the best chance of succeeding with his education and life goals.