Hayley's Story | Youth Insearch


Wed, 04/08/2021 - 11:49


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Hayley is 16 from the Bundaberg region, and joined the Youth Insearch program in late-2020. Having attended 4 weekend workshops and 36 support groups, Hayley shares the impact that Youth Insearch has had on her life.

I am a participant at Youth Insearch.

Before Youth Insearch, I had no confidence with talking in front of people. Nothing else was helping with this issue of confidence. I was very low on self-esteem due especially because of the way I was made to feel by some family.

Youth Insearch has been a big impact on me.

I haven’t committed to something like this before. Youth Insearch gave me the confidence to express myself in front of people and has allowed me the chance to make meaningful friendships. 

Youth Insearch has helped me realise that I have value, despite challenges I have with my family and how I have been made to feel.

Youth Insearch has helped me realise that I have a voice and that my story matters, and that it is worth carrying on living.

Without Youth InsearchI wouldn’t be as confident as I am to speak in front of others, and to be in a group-type of situation. I would still be hiding from others.

Without Youth Insearch, I wouldn’t have the trust in others that I have now. I wouldn’t have realised that I don’t need people in my life that treat me bad.

Hand Heart Pocket the Charity of the Freemasons Queensland and the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation are funding Youth Insearch over three years to provide more on-the-ground health and wellbeing support for young people in need across regional Queensland.

The expansion of the Youth Insearch program will directly impact more than 600 at-risk youth in seven regional communities over the next three years, giving them access to tailored support when they need it.