Leaders Training 2017 | Youth Insearch


Wed, 11/10/2017 - 13:21



The 2017 Trainee Leaders began their intensive 12-month training course consisting of; 2 separate week-long residential workshops and 12 months of practical training and assessment in the Youth Insearch program. The residential training aspect of the training concluded in September.

Throughout both weeks the Trainee Leaders learn new skills in presentation, conflict resolution, mental illness/health, session planning and goal setting. They have been pushed to their limits and stepped up to the challenge, proving they have what it takes to be a Youth Insearch Leader. This years trainee leaders are an amazing group of adults and young people who have participated in regular weekend workshops.

Week 2 of the training program started off a bit rocky with the radar towers at Sydney close delaying all flights, but in true Youth Insearch Leader style, everyone handled it with absolute grace and understanding. Over the two weeks of training, the trainees showed immense team work and leadership skills while continuing their personal development and kicking their goals out of the park.

The residential training of 2017 ended their week by hosting a celebration dinner for guests, family and friends which the trainees organised. By coordinating the evening, they were able to put into practice all the skills they had been learning culminating in a speech from them all about their individual journey with Youth Insearch. All these skills will give them what they need to support more young people going through the program to tackle the challenges life has given them and the belief that they can make their life what they want it to be.

Congratulations to all the trainees and a big thank you to the Accredited Leaders, who gave their time to train and mentor the trainees.

Youth Insearch is fortunate to have high level corporates and professional trainers donate their time to conduct this training for us. A big thank you to the following people and organizations that have trained our future leaders:

  • Alan Kuczynski
  • Benita Collings
  • Greg Meyer
  • Judith Barr
  • Prue MacSween
  • Rene Buhler
  • RogenSi
  • World Games
  • Youth Mental Health First Aide