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Tue, 03/12/2019 - 09:58


Leaders Training

The 2019 group of Trainee Leaders completed their Leaders Training weeks in July and October 2019. They created an inspiring Leaders Statement, describing what being a Leader means to them.

"As 2019’s Trainee Leaders, we know a leader is someone who empowers people. They’re selfless and supportive, determined and responsible, respectful and honest, and they’re willing to grow and learn along with those they are helping.

A leader knows that their team is only as strong as their weakest link and knows when to back off and let someone else move forward.

To be a Trainee Leader we know we still have time to grow and learn, to help people move forward from their pain. We will have time to achieve the things we want to.

Becoming a Trainee Leader shocked all of us. None of us thought we’d make it and with varying degrees of excitement, we began the journey of 2019 Trainee Leaders that would change our lives forever."


Atomic Lotus

The 2019 Youth Insearch Trainee Leaders group, Atomic Lotus, began their 12-month Leaders Training course in April 2019, and the residential training weeks were conducted in July and October.

Trainee Leaders are an amazing group of young people and adults who have participated in regular weekend workshops during the year. During the training, they are pushed to their limits, and step up to the challenge, proving they have what it takes to be a Youth Insearch Leader.

Both training weeks were full of challenges. Each Trainee Leader went on a journey of self-discovery and worked hard to overcome their obstacles. Over the two weeks of training, the Trainee Leaders showed immense team work and leadership skills while continuing their personal development and kicking their goals out of the park.

The second training week ended with a Celebration Dinner with invited guests, family, and friends – all organised by the Trainee Leaders themselves. By coordinating the evening, they were able to put all the skills they had learnt during the training into practice. The dinner culminated in a formal speech from each Trainee Leader about their individual journey with Youth Insearch.

The skills learnt by the Trainee Leaders equip them to support the young people going through the program and teach them how to tackle the challenges life has given them and the belief that they can make their life what they want it to be.

Congratulations to all the Trainee Leaders – and a big thank you to the volunteer Leaders and presenters who gave their time to train and mentor the 2019 Trainee Leaders.