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Mon, 31/07/2017 - 16:46



On July, the 2nd, the beautiful “Feldor” headed out on the beautiful Sydney Harbour to celebrate the Accreditation of the 2016 Trainee Leaders. After 12 months of training, they joined the ranks of many before them. The Alumni of 32 years of Accredited Leaders.

It is no easy task to get this far and it was an occasion worth celebrating. Thank you to Chairman of the Board Garry Rothwell for providing his beautiful boat, staff and delicious food to help us with the celebrations. Our newly accredited leaders were each presented with their Youth Insearch t-shirt, personalized name badge and a certificate for completing their training.

Our graduates are; Cassandra Long, Gemma Hunt, Joanne Ellis, Megan Tombs, Natasha Hildebrand, Rebecca Shaw and Tearerin Walker.

Being a Leader with Youth Insearch means so many different things to different people. All of our Youth Leaders have been through the program and have come so far on their journey since they first participated in the weekend workshops. They started with Youth Insearch as participants and have taken back their lives. They have worked hard, set goals and achieved them. Adult Leaders are passionate and give not only their time but their hearts and skills to the program. They are all positive role models for all young people and are a shining light for those who need it. 

Here is a short statement from each of the graduates on what being a Youth Insearch Leader means to them:

  • Cassandra: “Being a Youth Insearch Leader to me means that I’m able to give back to an organization that has helped save my life and gave me the skills to overcome some of my biggest barriers. Youth Insearch has become my family and I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to call my family.”
  • Gemma: “To me leadership is more than just my chance to give back to the organization that saved my life. It’s a chance to be a part of a family that will never give up on each other.”
  • Joanne: “Being a Youth Insearch Leader is about empowering young people to be the best they can be, acknowledging their past, sharing their journey, to encourage growth and change and provide a safe space for all of this to happen.”
  • Megan: "Being a Youth Insearch Leader to me means that I can give back to the program that saved my life and many others."
  • Natasha: “Being a Youth Insearch Leader is about empowering and motivating young people to make a change and being somebody they can look up to as they start to walk their path to success.”
  • Rebecca: “Being a Youth Insearch Leader means that I am able to give the power, strength and courage to young people that have had that taken from them. I also am able to give them back the sparkle in their eyes, the possibilities to achieve dreams and goals and a family.”
  • Tearerin: "Being a Youth Insearch Leader means that I can not only give back to an amazing organisation that has helped me in many ways, but also means that I can do what I do best by helping people; giving them the advice and support they need, guiding them to better themselves and to believe in themselves. It also means that I don't have to try to be anyone but myself."

Congratulation to the "Class of 2016”!