Property Leaders Lunch | Youth Insearch


Mon, 31/07/2017 - 16:18


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During June, this year, there were two fundraising luncheons held in Sydney which were sponsored by the Chair of Youth Insearch Garry Rothwell. One was for several Property Industry Leaders and the other one was for other private donors; both with the aim to establish and strengthen partnerships with everyone who attended. The luncheon was also an opportunity to raise awareness and funds for Youth Insearch with guests free to offer any ‘silent’ contributions on the day.

There are so many people to thank for the success of the luncheons, especially the Board Members and the Youth Leaders that attended and made speeches. Throughout both luncheons there were speeches from Heath Ducker (CEO of Youth Insearch), Garry Rothwell (Chair of the Youth Insearch Board of Directors), Samantha Clayton (Youth Insearch Youth Leader Representative), Joseph Horvat (Youth Insearch Youth Leader Representative), Megan Tombs (Youth Insearch Youth Leader Representative) and Luke Mitchell (Youth Insearch Youth Leader Representative).

As there were Youth Insearch Youth Leader Representatives that attended the luncheons, it allowed the guests to meet some of the young people who have participated in the program and hear how Youth Insearch has helped them change their lives. It also gave everyone a chance to see the inspiring examples of the success of Youth Insearch in the Youth Leaders by giving proof of how far they have come since they began as a participant in the program and the commitment they have shown to themselves and Youth Insearch. The luncheons were very successful as the Property Leaders collectively donated $250,000 on the day which helped close the deficit this year. This was an amazing effort from all who attended and wonderful support for Youth Insearch programs.

A big thankyou to the following donros that contributed at the luncheons:

  • Jennifer Soukup
  • Justin Brown
  • Peter Chittenden
  • Robert Moore
  • Lang Walker
  • Chad Walker
  • David Rothwell
  • Stewart Nettleton
  • Andrew Roberts
  • Allen Linz of Rebel Property Group
  • Michael Reid
  • John Marshall
  • John Kelleher
  • Joe Khattar of Dyldam Developments Australia
  • John Austin
  • Antoinette Albert
  • Peter Mustaca
  • James Finney
  • James Marshall