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Fri, 16/04/2021 - 08:00


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One of our Leaders Chantelle Telly Fogg, has written this piece expressing hope, and connecting and seeing each other. The 2021 theme for Youth Week is "Together more than ever", and at Youth Insearch we know only too well how much this rings true for our young people.

There are many ways to see the world and the people in it, but some days I wish that people could see the world through my eyes for a day.

To be able to see people. I mean really see them.

To look past what is on the outside and truly see within. To be able to look into someone's eyes and see the pain that they hold ever close to their heart. To be able to see a smile and know that it exists to hide the pain of what the troubles of the past have bought into their life.

To see the way that people see themselves. 

To see how they can be so confident, and full of enthusiasm. Yet, when they go home to face their daunting thoughts, it all fades. Their obnoxious cockiness that they show the world is sometimes the only time that they really know how to accept or love themselves.

I wish people could truly understand that you really shouldn't judge a book by its cover, because you have no idea of the story that lies within.

I wish that people would realise that kindness costs nothing, but it is what makes us rich. That there will always be some sort of beauty in the broken.

I wish that the world had more people like me that saw the world as more than black and white, or rainbows and sunshine.

The world is full of grey. Full of unknown, and full of what ifs, and maybes. But that's what makes it special. Because what if tomorrow is a better day. Maybe it will rain, or maybe it will be a beautiful spring morning.

The unknown is an opportunity for greatness.

Because no one can tell you yes or no if the end destination is unknown. Unknowns, what ifs, and maybes are a simple beauty in a world full of expectations, high stakes and pressure.

If there is one wish that I could have it would be that the world could see me the way that I see the world.

That when I told someone they were beautiful, they didn't take that at face value. That they could truly understand that the beauty that I see is the kind that you find in your soul. Not something that a mirror could ever show them.

So if I know you, just know that I see you. The real you. The you that you hide from world. I see all of you.

Chantelle (Telly) Fogg, Youth Insearch Leader since 2015

This image is a special place that Chantelle goes and sits when things seem overwhelming.
It is where she sees the sun peeking over the horizon to start a fresh new day, which brings hope.