Virtual Workshop connecting young people in lockdown | Youth Insearch


Fri, 10/09/2021 - 10:07


Virtual World

There are no border or COVID restrictions in the virtual world, so we were excited to offer a Virtual Workshop on 4 September 2021 to enable young people to experience some of that workshop feeling in their own environment.

The miles may part us, but we are all dealing with similar situations. Young people generously shared their stories with other young people, expressing how they overcame their past, as well as having an opportunity to share their own experiences.

Young people learnt how to better handle situations and understand themselves, control their emotions, and start to set goals for their future.

During the breaks we left the Teams link open so that participants could hang-out and chat, eat together, and get to know others from across the three states.

The virtual workshop was a great success, with 15 participants, 15 Trainee Leaders, and 9 Support Adults in attendance.