Wellington Shire Council Supports Local Young People | Youth Insearch


Thu, 21/05/2020 - 12:20


Supporters, Funding

We asked Wellington Shire Council to fund 10 young people from Wellington Shire in Victoria to enable them attend the Youth Insearch program comprised of Weekend Workshops and Support Groups.

We are grateful to continue to work with the Wellington Shire Council, who have provided funding to Youth Insearch throughout the past decade.

Following from the Weekend Workshops attended, during Support Groups, the comments made by young people really highlight the difference Youth Insearch can make to young lives, and the opportunity young people seize when given a chance.

We want to share how some of these young people express how they have seen their own lives change because of their involvement with Youth Insearch, and thanks to Wellington Shire Council and all our supporters and volunteers.

"Youth Insearch has helped me open up to people about stuff that has happened in my life."
- Amanda, 16

"Helped me get clean."
- Derek, 20

"Before Youth Insearch I had parent and family issues, trust issues and no hugs. Youth Insearch has helped me to start trusting people"
- Tara, 16

"My life before Youth Insearch was hell. Youth Insearch has helped me be confident."
- Kyle, 17

"It has helped me with my family stuff"
- Eliza, 17

Names have been changed for privacy of our young people.

Thank you to Wellington Shire Council for funding 10 young people to attend our November 2019 and March 2020 Weekend Workshops. 






While physical Weekend Workshops and Support Groups have been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Virtual Support Groups are now running on a weekly basis, conducted by our program coordinators and supported or facilitated by youth leaders and support adults. The peer-to-peer element of the program remains, which is critical during these unprecedented times.