What Virtual Support Groups mean to Kim | Youth Insearch


Thu, 02/04/2020 - 15:29


Virtual World

To be with the young people and to support them though the weekend is an amazing experience. Weekend Workshops are a roller coaster for the young people, and when they go home there needs to be a check in process.

Now due to COVID-19 we are unable to meet weekly at face-to-face Support Group meetings, so the Virtual Support Groups have been a life saver for Youth Insearch young people. They are still getting what they need out of the weekly meetings - if not more - as some people feel shy in person, and don’t want to open up in face-to-face meetings. However when they're virtual, it means something different to the young people. Technology gives young people power, and this allows them to open up without thinking too much about their insecurities.

Youth Insearch has definitely gone above and beyond for the young people to make sure they stay connected and to make sure someone is still there for them, listening to them, and lending them a virtual hand if they need it.


Content by Kim Davies, young Support Adult, former Residential Worker, and supporter of kids from Education First Youth Foyer Shepparton in Victoria. Kim came along to Youth Insearch in July 2018 with her younger brother, and never left.