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Outcomes for Parents

The following was reported in the Urbis (2008) review (pg.12):
“Some parents spoke of the hope that they had placed in the program before [the program], others that they were initially nervous that there may in fact be negative impacts. In the end, however, all found that the positive outcomes met or exceeded their expectations”.  

“Parents in particular spoke of the increase in confidence and maturity they observed in their child, as well as their child’s ability to think beyond their own issues and to see their present difficulties in better perspective. Parents were often pleased to see the positive influence of a new circle of friends; one also discussed the positive impact they had seen in their child after they took on a mentoring role with another young person from the camp”. 

The Urbis (2003) review found a range of benefits for the family. This included the following (pg.56):

“One young person’s mother offered her views on Youth Insearch after her daughter had been interviewed, and stated strongly that she had been impressed with the way that Youth Insearch had enabled her daughter to connect with people in a way that was not possible in their mother/daughter relationship”:

‘I think it’s a good thing for her from the family point of view. As a parent it doesn’t matter what you do or say – you can’t help them. I’m so glad she’s got somewhere to go – be with other kids who are where she’s at – she’s not the odd one out. When she goes to the camps she feels comfortable – other people in the same boat. … [It] knocked me for six is that she is not the odd one out with mental illness … it’s very scary the number of young people in this situation.’