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Our Leaders

Youth Insearch program is delivered by extensively trained Youth and Adult Leaders who are held in very high regard. Youth Insearch has an alumnus of hundreds of Youth Insearch Leaders from over 30 years of operation of the program.

Youth Leaders

Youth Leaders are past participants in the program and are positive and real examples to the young participants of what is possible despite a negative background. They play a key role in the delivery of the program. They are responsible for the administration of the weekend workshops and support groups and facilitate various sessions.

Youth Leaders also sit on the Program Council which oversees the design and administration of the program. They have the final say on any changes to the program and on the selection and assessment of Youth Insearch Leaders. To be a Youth Leader a young person must be between 14 and 25 years of age.

Adult Leaders

Adult Leaders are normally drawn from the Support Adults that attend the program with the young people. These are adults from services who work with the young people in a professional capacity. They can also be general members of the community with a demonstrated commitment to the program.

Adult Leaders perform an oversight role on the weekend and facilitate the more in-depth sessions. They recognise the need to be supportive without being intrusive. To be an Adult Leader a person must be over 25 years of age.

Leader sTORIEs

Simon | QLD

My involvement with Youth Insearch gave me hope and a new lease at life. It gave me strength to get to where I am and to continue to keep moving forward. Without Youth Insearch I wouldn't have stable accommodation, I wouldn't have stable mental health, and possibly would be dead without the support and hope I got. Youth Insearch as a program is one of the best things I've done in my life and I feel as though it was something that helped me through thick and thin. I feel as though anyone who has the opportunity go through the program will come away with heaps of benefits.

Luke | QLD

Youth Insearch has changed me into a leader of people. It has given me gifts and knowledge that I share in my community to help others and myself and has made me a resilient person that can tackle life’s challenges. Most of all it has allowed me to dream and be passionate. The benefits that I have gained as a volunteer are very powerful, and a real conversation starter when I meet people in my life and speak of Youth Insearch. I also now have skills and knowledge that continue to aid me highly in my journey of life. I have continual hope that Australia’s future looks incredible.

Courtney | NSW

Through the Youth Insearch program I have a new-found respect for not only myself but everyone around me. If I didn't attend this program I don't know where I would be today. Being a part of Youth Insearch has given me a new outlook on life, has taught me to accept myself and who I am, and accept my past and not let it define me. If I hadn't continued going to this program there is no way I would be where I am today. Youth Insearch is an amazing program.

Chloe | QLD

Being a Youth Insearch Leader has given me the opportunity to do many things including travelling interstate, being an active part of both State and National council and participating in strategy planning for the organisation. My involvement with Youth Insearch really has changed my life for the better. I truly believe in myself and my ability to overcome any obstacles that life throws at me. I know I'm a positive role model for others, that they look up to me and that is a really empowering feeling. There aren't enough words in the world to describe how I feel about Youth Insearch. The way they unite and empower young people from a range of diverse backgrounds is just incredible. I am beyond proud to be involved with such an organisation. 

Blake | QLD

My journey with Youth Insearch began in June of 2017. I started out as a Support Adult attending a weekend program at Camp Duckadang in QLD. My intentions for that weekend were to give the young people that I was supporting the opportunity to seek peer-to-peer support and establish connections with positive influences. By the time the weekend had concluded, I was in awe around the unity and sense of family between all of those who were in attendance. Fast forward three years and I have taken up every opportunity I could to be involved with the program. I have received my Leader accreditation, facilitated support groups in my region, and have been part of the Program Council on both a state and national level. I have developed life-long friendships and lived experiences that I would never have been able to without the program. I am forever thankful that I have been fortunate enough to be a part of this program, to share in its unique beauty and do what I love to do in supporting our young people.

Kate | QLD

Youth Insearch inspired me to be the person I wanted to be, inspired me to smash the life goals I wanted to, and taught me the good in life. Being a part of Youth Insearch as a participant changed my life, my outlook on life, and way I live life. The program has given me opportunity like no others, and has helped shaped the person I am today! Youth Insearch turned my life around, and saved me from going down some bad paths that I didn’t want to go down. The magic that Youth Insearch does with young people truly amazes me each and every day, and I’m so proud to now be a part of it as a Youth Insearch Leader.

Meg | NSW

Youth Insearch has given me the opportunity to make significant change in my community. I am so proud of the work we do. From my very first camp I knew I wanted to pour my heart into this program. Youth Insearch has taught me unconditional compassion and kindness, and in the years I've been involved I've started to become the person I never imagined I'd be brave enough to be. Youth Insearch has helped me to become the person I always looked up to, the person I needed when I was younger. A person who feels confident that small, genuine acts of love can create big change. I wake up every morning grateful to be involved in a program which fosters such positive growth, and I know I want to do this for the rest of my life.