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Sat, 20/03/2021 - 00:00


Volunteers, Supporters

Rosemaree Deas started volunteering for Youth Insearch in May 2017, and from her first experience at a Weekend Workshop, Rosemaree has supported Youth Insearch and the young people with all her heart.

Volunteering both away at workshops and in her community at Inverell, she has taken on such roles as Support Adult, First Aid, Bus Driver, Tuck-ins and recently as our COVID Marshal.

Each role has been delivered with love and care, letting each young person know they were valued, important, and giving them hope that the future is theirs to take.

Rosemaree gives these young people guidance to overcome adversity and helping them to take the steps to reach their full potential.

Rosemaree will be moving to Tasmania soon and we will miss her, and the young people in our program will miss her. She has a special place in our heart and we are very grateful for all she has done, all she has given, and the difference she has made to young lives.

We are always looking out for adult volunteers to come along and support the young people who participate in our program. Involvement in Youth Insearch is an incredibly rewarding opportunity, and is such an asset to these young people who may not have had many adult role models in their lives previously.

To apply to volunteer with us, please submit your details via our Adult Involvement application.