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Thu, 26/03/2020 - 00:00


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Project Empower commenced in August 2019 with our Program Quality and Partnerships Manager Sharon Schofield setting up at Stockland Traralgon, in Victoria.

Since that time Youth Insearch has helped 39 young people directly at the centre, and just over half of these young people supported have also attended a Youth Insearch Weekend Workshop.

Youth Insearch has recorded a total of 57 instances of face-to-face support for individuals, with Sharon Schofield stationed at the centre each Thursday. Sharon has also facilitated 7 instances of support within group settings, where young people connect as a group and with Sharon’s guidance, help each other discuss issued they face in their lives.

Youth Insearch have received 33 registrations for workshops from the young people engaged through Project Empower, of which 23 turned into attendances at workshops. The 10 instances of non-attendance can be attributed to instability at home or permission to attend (50%), medical reasons (30%), transport issues (10%), and disengagement (10%).


Due to Coronavirus restrictions, and under the new virtual operating model that Youth Insearch has swiftly adopted, from April 2020 Sharon will no longer be present at the Stockland Traralgon centre until the conditions imposed by the State and Federal Governments are relaxed.

However, in lieu of personal presence Sharon will continue to be available and to connect with Stockland employees each Thursday. Youth Insearch has technology in place to extend support to Stockland employees and any young people who are hoping to engage with Sharon virtually.