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Pop's Send Off

On 22 Nov 2017 Tags Newsletter

Youth Insearch celebrated the retirement of their Camp Pop - Lindsay Steel Sunday 19th November with a celebration down at Apex Park in Moe, Victoria....

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Nioka's Story

On 22 Nov 2017 Tags Newsletter, Stories

Before Youth Insearch, Nioka’s childhood was full of traumatic experiences relating to sexual assault, drug and alcohol abuse, family violence, domestic violence, neglect and physical assault. Nioka came to...

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ARTD Research Workshops

On 18 Oct 2017 Tags Newsletter


Youth Insearch has had an exciting development recently as we have identified funding to be able to do further research into the program effectiveness and structure.

We know what we do works exceptionally well...

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Amal's Story

On 16 Oct 2017 Tags Newsletter, Stories

Amal Suleman is a case worker at CTC Youth Services in Kingaroy who got involved with Youth Insearch when...

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CTC Youth Services Kingaroy

On 13 Oct 2017 Tags Newsletter


CTC Youth Services (formerly known as the Community Training Centre) is based in Kingaroy, Queensland and was established in September of 1983. CTC began as a grass-roots community...

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