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Chloe's Story

On 24 Nov 2017 Tags Newsletter, Stories

I lost my Dad when I was quite young and I’ve always felt a great sense of loss not having been able to grow up with him. My...

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Wellington Shire Council

On 22 Nov 2017 Tags Supporters, Funding

Recently, the Wellington Shire Council in Victoria have awarded a $5,000 Community Assistance Grant to Youth Insearch to allow the program to continue to run in Victoria. This is the second year that...

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Brisbane's Red Cross Night Cafe

On 22 Nov 2017 Tags Newsletter

The Red Cross Night Café located in Brisbane, Queensland was opened in 2001 as a joint project...

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Pop's Send Off

On 22 Nov 2017 Tags Newsletter

Youth Insearch celebrated the retirement of their Camp Pop - Lindsay Steel Sunday 19th November with a celebration down at Apex Park in Moe, Victoria....

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Nioka's Story

On 22 Nov 2017 Tags Newsletter, Stories

Before Youth Insearch, Nioka’s childhood was full of traumatic experiences relating to sexual assault, drug and alcohol abuse, family violence, domestic violence, neglect and physical assault. Nioka came to...

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