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Kathy's Story

On 12 Dec 2017 Tags Newsletter, Testimonials

I’m a psychologist, that has referred young people to Youth Insearch for around 28 years now. I have worked in the field of trauma and young people for over 30 years and have found Youth Insearch to be the single most...

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Chloe's Story

On 24 Nov 2017 Tags Newsletter, Testimonials

I lost my Dad when I was quite young and I’ve always felt a great sense of loss not having been able to grow up with him. My...

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Wellington Shire Council

On 22 Nov 2017 Tags Newsletter, Releases

Recently, the Wellington Shire Council in Victoria have awarded a $5,000 Community Assistance Grant to Youth Insearch to allow the program to continue to run in Victoria. This is the second year that...

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Brisbane's Red Cross Night Cafe

On 22 Nov 2017 Tags Newsletter

The Red Cross Night Café located in Brisbane, Queensland was opened in 2001 as a joint project...

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